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Whether you're a novice or a pro, we've turned the art of delegation into a science.
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Athena transforms how you spend your time: from doing it all to doing what you love.

If you don't have an assistant, you are the assistant.

Delegation is key to unlocking personal growth, but the art is vastly misunderstood

Whether you're a novice or a pro, Athena's delegation system helps you level up

Stream-of-consciousness delegation. You delegate as things come up.
“Buy these flowers for my friend’s birthday.”
You delegate entire projects, broken down into a dozen steps.
“My friend’s bday is coming up – let’s do X, Y, and Z.”
You delegate recurring or trigger-based projects that repeat indefinitely.
“Once/month send my parents a postcard w/ fun photo of me.”
You think of yourself as an algorithm. You export your decision-making algorithm from your head and share with your assistant.
“Let’s plan an entrepreneur dinner. Here’s the algorithm I use for deciding what guests to invite.”
Your personal team is so knowledgeable about your goals and your preferences and your personal algorithms that they can proactively suggest tasks that you simply approve. You’ve given your team so much feedback and have built up so much trust that they feel confident to act autonomously on your behalf, even if that involves making small mistakes.
“My goal is to have my homes feel like hotel experiences – everything is clean, I never think about what needs to be done, it’s all just taken care of.”
You and your personal team’s actions are in total alignment with your greater purpose in work and life. You worry about almost nothing but the most complex issues you are uniquely positioned as a human to solve. You trust your team like family and they act as almost a second brain. At this level, your team regularly discovers and executes tasks without your input. The first you hear of many tasks is hearing that it’s done. Typical delegators not only fail to reach this level, they may not believe it exists.
“Wow you just proactively did X and I didn’t even have to ask??” The nirvana of delegation :)

You have dreams and vision, but never enough time. Become an elite delegator and unlock time abundance

Get an elite assistant for $3k/mo

Scale yourself. Scale your company.

Athena Assistants have an acceptance rate <1%


Candidates take an English language assessment. Only candidates with a C2 Level (highest level of proficiency) from CEFR pass.



Candidates take a comprehensive multi-factor personality test. Our selection model is fine-tuned with the data from 500,000+ applicants.


In-Depth Skill Review

Remaining candidates are tested across a range of skills including email pre-drafting, scheduling meetings, and complicated research projects.


Real-Life Projects

The most promising candidates are given real-world projects to test their speed and skill in a high pressure work environment.


Live Screening

Finalists are vetted live to assess their executive presence, character, and ability to think on their feet.



Hired candidates start a 4-week training program. They learn Athena's proprietary delegation system and cutting-edge AI tools so they can become an extension of you.


4 week bootcamp
Before you kick off, your Athena Assistant learns the processes, skills and tools of the best assistants in the world
Continuous mentorship
We train your Assistant on new delegation playbooks, fill knowledge gaps and give them experts to lean on for niche needs.
MBA program
We created an accredited 5 year MBA program and cover tuition for your Assistant so they can grow with your business.
AI Tools
Over 50% of Athena Assistants use AI every week and 100% of our Assistants use AI every month. Tools include ChatGPT, HumanLoop, Zapier, FirefliesAI, OtterAI, and others.
Athena AI
Athena develops AI apps to give an “assistant to our assistants” to exponentially increase their productivity and output. Our apps enable assistants to do things like pre-draft emails in your tone and proactively suggest delegations from your existing workflows.


Get a full-time, dedicated Athena Assistant who works your time zone for only $3,000/month.

Traditional In-Person Assistant
Time consuming to hire
Extremely expensive
Shorter tenures
Guilt delegating personal or mundane tasks
Work to upskill
Administrative burden
Stuck to fixed schedules
Limited professional networks and resources

Level up with the most ambitious people in the world

With Athena you get members-only access to elite delegators and highly successful peers who are pushing frontiers in business, finance, health and life.

Delegation Mastermind Groups

The most ambitious delegators unlock access to mastermind groups of 6 peers.

Delegation Master Classes

Get free access to monthly delegation master classes taught by elite delegators. 

Delegation Dinners

Join members-only dinners in cities around the world to level up your delegation skills with your peers.

The average client refers 2.3 peers per year to Athena

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Ryan Hudson

Founder of Honey, sold to PayPal for $4B

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Ryan Hoover

Founder of ProductHunt

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Jeff Colyer

Former Governor of Kansas

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Sam Corcos

CEO of Levels

The most ambitious and successful founders are using Athena. Mine paid for herself in 3 months.”

Erik Torenberg

GP at Village Global and Founder of Turpentine

"I was very skeptical about getting an EA but it’s already changed my life in a couple months — I’m a huge believer now."

Savin Goyal

CTO Outerbounds