Security Measures

The more access you give your Athena EA, the more leverage you gain, that's why we've built extensive security measures to support your journey.

Your time, security and privacy are precious, and Athena protects all three. Here’s how we provide ongoing and extensive security.

Exclusive Recruiting
Strict vetting and a thorough interview process. We receive 1,000 applications per day and screen a hundred EAs for every one that we hire.
Background Screening
We run extensive background, credit, criminal, civil litigation, and reference checks.
Privacy Certification
All EAs undergo and pass privacy and security training built by our security firms.
Fresh Equipment
We equip your EA with a VPN, security-hardened equipment, and licensed software to ensure your EA’s devices stay compliant with security policies.
URL Reputation Checks
We run checks to protect against malicious URLs and senders.
Social Engineering Training
We run regular tests of our EAs’ skills to identify phishing attacks.

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