5 Virtual Executive Assistant Myths Debunked

Don't let myths mislead you! Learn how a Virtual Executive Assistant (VA) can handle complex tasks, improve security, free up your time, and ultimately boost your business.

There are many misconceptions about Virtual Executive Assistants (VAs). Let's debunk these myths and unveil the truth: an excellent assistant has the potential to boost your business' productivity, security, and efficiency like never before.

Myth #1: Virtual Executive Assistants are remote and sometimes unreachable

Fact:  Virtual EAs are trained to be accessible during your working hours and respond promptly. They prioritize communication and collaboration to ensure seamless support and efficient task completion.

Myth #2: Outsourcing Virtual Executive Assistants is a temporary fix

Fact:  Remote work is the future.  Virtual EAs offer a sustainable and effective solution in complex task management, streamlining workflows, and enhancing productivity. Tens of thousands of companies worldwide are committed to ongoing training to cultivate the necessary skills for Executive Assistants and furnishing them with the essential tools and technology for sustained success.

Myth #3: It’s difficult to find an exceptional Virtual Executive Assistant

Fact:  Athena simplifies hiring by placing you with skilled EAs based on your specific requirements. With our delegation quiz, we quickly learn your working personality and business needs, which helps us find the perfect virtual executive assistant for your business.

Myth #4: Virtual Executive Assistants aren’t skilled enough and are limited to mostly routine or administrative tasks.

Fact:  The skills needed for Executive Assistants encompass a diverse range of expertise beyond administrative tasks. From technical support to travel management, VAs excel in handling diverse responsibilities, prioritizing the skills most valuable to you.

Moreover, exceptional VAs, equipped with proper training, seamlessly serve as genuine extensions of your in-house team. This symbiotic relationship enhances effectiveness and capitalizes on their refined Executive Assistant skills.

Myth #5: Virtual Executive Assistants pose a higher security risk

Fact:  The notion that remote workers pose a higher security risk is no longer valid, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies now employ advanced productivity tools and rigorous security protocols to guarantee that virtual assistants handle sensitive business data securely.

In fact, one of Athena’s long-term top clients has even entrusted one of his EAs to deliver a family heirloom engagement ring for his proposal.

Experience the Power of a Skilled Virtual Executive Assistant

Virtual Executive Assistants (VAs) are not merely administrative support personnel but strategic assets with a unique vantage point on the organization's operations. Their proximity to and influence on top-level executives, coupled with their active involvement in crucial meetings and discussions, afford them invaluable insights into the company's goals, challenges, and growth plans.

Comprising the top 10% of all VAs worldwide, sign up for your dedicated Athena Assistant and experience how you can achieve more in your business and personal life.