Eric Jorgenson

My EA from @athenago takes care of all of this for me -- helped start the podcast from the beginning, it would not exist without him.

Dedicated, 1:1 help. Recommend highly!

Kendrick Nguyen

Happy customer since 2019. Life changing for me! ❤️

Sam Corcos

For those of you looking to supercharge how you delegate, I wrote a tactical piece in First Round Review that goes into detail on how we work with EAs (Executive Assistants) at Levels 🎉

If you're looking for an agency to work with, I recommend @athenago. They're great.

Jesse Genet

This piece explains the unlock of a great EA and tbh @athenago is quietly powering many of the most powerful people I know

Ryan Hoover

I recently hired an EA. Her name is Ida.

For years I was hesitant to hire help, unsure of what to offload. Tbh, I was lacking creativity.

Over the last few months Ida's helped me with a ton of personal and work projects.


I have an amazing EA and I’m so lucky to have her. She’s in the Phillipines and I’m stoked that everything we do together helps her in incredibly meaningful ways. If you don’t have an EA - you should check out They hire and vet all of their amazing talent

Dan Kimerling

I’m a big fan of @athenago

Colin McGuire

Tell me this isn’t the best Executive Assistant anyone could ask for at the lowest price. Can’t be beat

Daniel and 10 others

My assistant from @athenago is probably my highest ROI monthly expense. Learning how to delegate will not only make your partnership with your assistant better, it will make *all* of your relationships better!

Erik Torenberg

"If you don’t have an EA, you are the EA” (HT @swaaanson)

The sooner you hire an EA, the better.

Time is the scarcest resource, especially for founders.

(If you're looking for an EA, I use and highly recommend

Daniel and 10 others

Athena has been a life changer for me. @swaaanson is killing it.

Get a month free with this code:

Dmitry Alexin

Definitely @athenago I’ve been working with their EAs for 2+ years and they are some of the best. You can use my link to skip the waitlist.

David Chie
@davidjchie soooo good

David Chie

check out you’ll be shocked at how good they are!

Eric Jorgenson

Part of why I love @athenago -- it’s full-time only.

You stop thinking “how little help can I get away with using?”

Start thinking “What’s the best use of this amazing new capacity?”

Kristen Berman

How to increase happiness - spend money to buy time.

One of the biggest inflection points for Irrational Labs has been hiring an EA. She's freed up my calendar - and more importantly my mind.

If you need one, I use and Highly recommend it.

Leanne Glamuzina

@athenago is highly recommended. Has about 1000 clients working with remote EA’s across various industries. Founders, entrepreneurs, high achieving professionals. My EA, Donna has change my life. Does professional and personal too.

Rajeeb Dey MBE

Shared a post on how I’ve managed to 10X my Productivity working with my EA @athenago #productivity #founders #executiveassistants #delegation

Kanyi Maqubela

"If you don’t have an EA, you are the EA” (HT @swaaanson)

(If you're looking for an EA, I have enjoyed, and highly recommend


I fought for a *long* time against having an EA, which meant I spent all my time scheduling meetings.

I finally relented and signed up for @athenago - and its incredible.

I just got a referral code to share 1 month free and let people skip the waitlist.

Patri Friedman

I’ve had an Athena EA for a year now and it’s been life-changing. During the worst darkness of quarantine, dealing with health & family issues, having someone track all my projects and correspondence and keep the map in her head so I didn’t have to was AMAZING. 👍👍👍

Tracy Chou

There are some super fantastic remote ea services for like $10-$15/hr! i use @athenago

Scott Britton

There’s the power of AI and then there’s the power of AI coupled with EA/VA.

Have loved my experience with @athenago so far and experimenting with all the cool things you can do with A.I. and an extra hand.

Rachael Neumann

We got someone through @athenago (founded by one of the amazing @thumbtack founders) and this human has seriously changed our lives and our business. We’d be half of what we are without her.


Do you have a personal assistant? My EA handles a lot of my inbox management and helps immensely.

@athenago has been great in helping me source and train my EA.

You can use my referral to get a free month:

Happy to share additional tips if you’d like!

Sean Ammirati

A strong EA ... I recommend @athenago if you don’t have one.

Kiva Dickinson

Lately my favorite recommendation to friends is to hire a virtual assistant

It has been one of the highest ROI investments I've made since starting Selva Ventures

Scott Britton

One thing that has been transformative for me is hiring a full-time, dedicated virtual assistant w/ @athenago.

It empowers me to focus more time in my zone of genius & accomplish things that otherwise would not get done.

I wrote about my experience here

Raymond Weitekamp

Just kicked off with @athenago 🚀

Simon Chamorro

After listening @tferriss pod with @SamCorcos on Delegation I started using @athenago for working with an EA. So far it has been an incredibly solid experience. Can't recommend more for high achievers.

Kiva Dickinson

I used a service called Athena (@athenago) which has a great search / match process and does all of the training logistics for me

Made a huge difference vs searching for one solo and has ensured quality along the way

DM me questions if you anything specific

Jonny Price

Couldn't agree more! My EA (Joni) has changed my life! @athenago rocks!

Relevant here:


This year, my friend @WilsonGHung convinced me to start using @AthenaGo. Have been very happy so far.

They created a “user manual” after a 1-hour discovery call (it felt like a good therapy session).


1I used  @athenago they do it for $3k and cheaper as you stack on more staff.

Wilson Hung

Just started, but during my weekly 1:1 with my @athenago EA: he'll interview me for ~15 minutes, then he takes my response and turns it into LinkedIn content.

happy to train your EA to do this for you if you'd like!

Daniel and 10 others

Their playbooks are phenomenal and their EAs are top notch. Joana, my EA has been with me full time for almost two years now!

Matt Drozdzynski

I used both @athenago (@swaaanson) and @imwithdouble. Both matched me with great assistants, but over 8 months Double had to re-match me twice due to the EA leaving to work somewhere full time. I’m still working with the same Athena EA 1y+ in. The cost of retraining someone is huge.

Kevin Lee

5/ I’ve done some research on the options and ultimately have settled on using @athenago to find my EA. Have seen founders I respect and have invested in like @SamCorcos at Levels rave about Athena.

Jason Gladu

check out @athenago It’s not enough to just hire any EA, hire one that gets continuous training. Also the support staff you can leverage like experts at delegation or time management are key


I had the same issue and onboarded @athenago, it's let me triage much more effectively

Will Mayo

@athenago has been great and know others founders who’ve used it as well!

Daniel and 10 others

This is the longest I've worked with an EA, and Athena has been great! They're invested in making your experience the best that it can be.

They're more skilled and versatile than I've worked with before


I really love @athenago for EA support as early stage founder. Happy to refer folks if helpful.

Phoebe Yao

@athenago is the way to go!

Daniel and 10 others

I'm finding that is the best ADHD coping mechanism that I've come across. They can help with this kind of thing.

I'm one month in to working with my Athena Assistant and she's changed the game for me!

Dan Kimerling

I've had a good experience with Athena (