Achieving More with the Metis College MBA Program: Enabling Professional Excellence

Athena, in collaboration with Woolf University, offers the globally-accredited Metis MBA program, aligning its curriculum and education standards with prestigious institutions such as Harvard and MIT. Launched in October 2023, the program is created specifically for working professionals that spans two to five years.

The program comprises a series of 13 comprehensive courses and a capstone project, each course lasting about six weeks. The curriculum is dynamic and comprehensive, covering essential business areas like marketing, finance, and innovation, taught by distinguished business leaders and academics. The program is also tailored for flexibility, accommodating the busy work schedules of its applicants with two to eight hours of weekly study. It blends live online sessions and independent work, all supported by Woolf University’s academic advisors and alumni network.

Admission is inclusive, welcoming candidates with a bachelor's degree from accredited institutions. Notably, the Metis College provides its MBA program tuition-free to all Athena employees, an investment valued at $50,000 or ₱2.7 million in their professional development.

Metis at a Glance

  • A globally-accredited two to five-year MBA program
  • 185 students as of December 2023
  • Flexible Program: Part-time (2-8 hours per week), fully online (live online session + independent work such as study guides, quizzes, etc.)
  • 13 comprehensive courses
  • Free tuition for Atheneans for an education and degree valued at $50,000 or PHP 2.7M

Mutually Beneficial

Benefits to Athena Assistants:

  • Skills Enhancement: Athena Assistants acquire advanced management and leadership skills, increasing their potential for higher-level positions within Athena
  • Credentials: The accredited program opens new and global opportunities within and outside the company.

Benefits to Clients:

  • Clients gain a competitive edge through the enhanced problem-solving abilities, heightened creativity, and strengthened leadership skills of Athena graduates.

Metis 2024 Plans

The MBA program will feature new dynamic courses focused on practical applications, featuring more hands-on case studies, discussions, and collaborative projects.

These 2024 courses include:

  • Working with Others
  • Business Negotiations
  • Reflective Leadership
  • Creativity and Innovation

Additionally, in 2024, Athena’s launching a structured training program for job applicants consisting of three core components – calibration, elevation, and activation. This initiative serves as both an educational experience and a screening mechanism for potential talent, with the option for applicants to earn credits.

The Metis College MBA at Woolf University is more than an academic journey; it's an investment in potential. As a testament to Athena's commitment to growth and excellence, we're creating unparalleled opportunities.

With Metis College leading the way in MBA education, the future is bright for Athena Assistants and their clients.