Athena Redefines Professional Development with Free Accredited MBA Program for Its Employees

Athena introduces the Philippines' first tuition-free, globally-recognized MBA for Athena Assistants and employees across the globe, highlighting the company's commitment to fostering growth, empowerment, and excellence within its global team.

Athena Assistants (also known as Executive Assistants) go beyond typical administrative duties, taking on a wide and in-depth spectrum of responsibilities spanning various industries and roles. This includes financial management, estate planning, supplier relations, leadership management, and more. By collaborating closely with decision-makers and founders, Athena Assistants gain firsthand experience in business operations.

Chief Executive Officer, Robert Hayes, underscores the need to attract and retain top talent by offering sustained, people-first, and industry-leading benefits.

“What sets our EAs apart is that they have the opportunity to engage in different tasks every day. That means we need to get the best of the best. To do that, we want to take care of our employees like no other company does. As the company thrives, the employees will share in the long-term benefits. That’s not something you see very often from a startup company.”

In addition to standard company benefits and unique, well-beloved perks by the company’s employees — such as a pet support reimbursement program and stock options — Athena is proud to offer an accredited  MBA program known as Metis College, aimed at enhancing its employees' skills, development, growth, and overall quality of life.

LEFT: Robert Hayes, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder RIGHT: Eliot Gattegno, Chief Learning Officer

The Athena Metis MBA Program: Enabling Professional Development

In collaboration with Woolf University, Athena’s Metis College MBA program aligns with global education standards akin to prestigious institutions like Harvard and MIT. Launched in October 2023, the program spans two to five years, comprising 13 comprehensive courses and a capstone project.

The curriculum is tailored for working professionals and encompasses crucial business areas such as marketing, finance, and innovation. Distinguished business leaders and academics helm the courses, ensuring a dynamic learning experience.

Leading the charge for the Metis College is Eliot Gattegno, Chief Learning Officer at Athena. With a teaching background at esteemed institutions like the University of Michigan and Harvard University, Gattegno explains that Woolf University, with origins in Europe, shares accreditation with some of the world's oldest universities like the University of Bologna and the University of Paris.

"Woolf has built up a portfolio of accreditation licenses in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, and numerous other global jurisdictions. Graduates from our programs gain the potential to migrate to various destinations worldwide, thanks to the recognition of their degrees. Consequently, our MBA holds recognition not only in specific jurisdictions but in every place in the world."

The flexibility of the program is a cornerstone of its identity, accommodating the demanding schedules of working professionals with a commitment of two to eight hours per week. Blending live online sessions with independent work, the program is fully supported by Woolf University’s academic advisors and a robust alumni network.

Tuition-Free Education for Athena's Employees

Athena’s profound commitment to the professional growth and aspirations of all its employees is evident through its offer of tuition-free access to the Metis College MBA program valued at $50,000 or ₱2.7 million.  This investment is a testament to Athena's vision of empowering all its employees to achieve their full potential.  Soon, Athena plans to enhance the MBA program with dynamic courses focused on practical applications, further solidifying its position as a catalyst for professional growth.

"The goal behind Metis College is to provide the same caliber of learning experiences that I would offer at renowned institutions to everyone enrolled. We own the curriculum, and we tailor everything to the specific needs of our employees and those enrolling in college. Our commitment is to support individuals in achieving more, improving their lives, and providing the enabling environment for them to excel. - Eliot Gattegno, Chief Learning Officer

Athena invites professionals to imagine the possibilities of strategic delegation and collaboration. The company acknowledges that Athena is not for everyone but extends an enthusiastic invitation to those eager to embrace the transformative potential of long-term collaboration, enhanced productivity, and a decade-spanning partnership with an assistant.

Athena, founded in 2019 by Jonathan Swanson and Robert Hayes, connects CEOs, founders, investors, and executives with the top 1% of Executive Assistants worldwide. Athena Assistants empower leaders to unlock time abundance through the art and mastery of delegation.