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Accept Your VIP Invite

As an Athena member referral, you’re entitled to the following VIP perks until July 31, 2024*

VIP Perks

• Save $1000 off your 2nd month**

• Personalized onboarding and community

• Get priority access on our waitlist

Athena Accelerates Achievement

Established in 2018 to amplify the trajectory of unicorn founders, Athena has since supported leaders and trailblazers in achieving incredible goals.


Founders of 1,000+ companies with $40B+ enterprise value

US Governors and White House thought leaders

Venture capitalists + angel investors with $100B+ AUM who funded 100+ unicorns and 5 decacorns (Stripe, AirBnb, etc)

10x NYT best-selling authors and A-list podcasters with 25M+ combined downloads

A Life-Changing Membership

Learn Our Philosophy

Adopt Athena’s transformative delegation practices to tap into your zone of genius, maximize your time, and thrive in your flow state.

Build Your Team

Foster collaborative partnerships with Athena Assistants to multiply your daily output and reach your highest professional and personal potential.

Leverage The Library

Access our vast Playbook Library to instantly improve multiple areas of your life with proven techniques inspired by our members’ success.

A Partnership That Empowers You

Your Athena Assistant works exclusively for you, so we find candidates with enormous potential who complement your personality. Our goal is to help you build a lasting partnership where the benefits of your collaboration increase over time.

A Commitment To Prolific Impact

An Athena Assistant partnership is a long-term investment. Our Learning Experience Team provides extensive, ongoing training, but your commitment to strengthening that rapport is what determines the speed and value of your returns.

Athena Is Not For Everyone

Talent is evenly distributed worldwide, but opportunity is not. We exclusively hire in the Philippines and consistently train the best Assistants in the world. We only accept clients who understand that all people are equal, all people have valuable input, and that all people can produce high-quality work.

Athena Assistants

- Cost $3K per month
- 140+ hours per month with your schedule
- Work abroad
- Receive ongoing training and education

Traditional EAs

- Cost $80-120K per year
- Traditional 9-5 schedule
- Work in-person
- Training and education is not included

The Most Successful People Buy Their Time

A Message From Our Founder

Over the last decade, I helped build Thumbtack from an idea into a team of more than 1,000 people and $1B in marketplace volume. My secret weapon was developing a deep partnership with Marni, my Philippines-based Executive Assistant. Marni doesn't just save me time; she gives me massive leverage. She manages my inbox, helps me recruit talent, build deeper relationships with my friends, and achieve my professional and personal goals. In short, my EA helps me win—both in work and in life.

Most people buy clothes, cars, or carats, but the most successful people buy time. The highest performers continually invest in increasing their productivity—because if you don't have an assistant, you are the assistant. Imagine what level you could perform at if you had a team pushing you to delegate more and more and more.If you're looking for help short-term, an AI assistant can offer you what you need.

If you aren't willing to put in the hard work to increase your productivity or don't think our pricing is an undeniable investment, I recommend you look elsewhere. But if you're excited to learn how to delegate better, gain leverage in all areas of your life, and build a relationship with an EA that grows more valuable over time, we'd be thrilled to partner with you.


How does working with Athena differ from a virtual assistant or a traditional staffing company?

Athena is different in two ways. First, our mission is a win-win for you and your remote Executive Assistant. With Athena, you'll form one-to-one partnerships where your goals become your Assistant's to help you reach your highest potential. And your Assistant will access an incredible career opportunity not readily available for them locally. Second, your dedicated Assistant is more than just a one-off task taker. You'll leverage significant impact across your career and reach new levels of fulfillment, health, and stronger relationships. The goal of an Athena partnership is complete integration into the landscape of your life.

How does Athena select Assistants?

Every Assistant undergoes our rigorous recruitment process. We screen each candidate for soft skills and enormous potential. Before being eligible to be partnered with you, they must take personality, cognitive, and English tests before undergoing immersive training on real-world tasks, including calendar, travel, and inbox management.

What is the typical lead time for working with an Assistant?

Prospective members who Request Membership are added to the waitlist. Waitlist times vary from a few days to a few weeks and depend on our current demand, Assistant availability, and the ideal start date you specify. Once you're off the waitlist, it takes two to four weeks from signing off on your partnership until you complete onboarding and launch the relationship with your Assistant.

How can my Assistant help me?

During the first 60 days, your Assistant works on three foundational projects (calendar, inbox, and travel management), plus three additional projects you select during the assessment phase of onboarding. After that, the sky's the limit for what you can delegate to your Assistant.

Here are some examples of what our clients have delegated to their Assistants:

- Research and information seeking
- Identifying networking opportunities
- Event planning
- Meeting preparation
- Household management
- Personal shopping
- Meal planning
- Communication management
- Database and reporting management
- Health and wellness management
- Appointment booking
- Recruitment efforts
- Online branding and presence
- Habit forming and goal management
- Family and relationship management

Can I share my Assistant with my executive team and or business partner?

No. Athena offers one-to-one, dedicated partnerships. Your Assistant will occasionally support colleagues and loved ones (organizing a team offsite or family trip), but you are their one-and-only delegator. We do not allow sharing because your Athena Assistant is unlike any other direct report—their primary focus is to help you achieve goals big and small so you can live a fuller life.

*When you pay your first month's fee of $3,000 USD by July 31, 2024.

**The $1000 savings will be applied on your 2nd invoice