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Discover Transformative Delegation

These standard tasks with ready-to-use playbooks will help you and your EA move toward complete professional and personal life integration.


Calendar Management
Meetings and logistics coordination.
- Have time blocked off and protected for focus, exercise, and family
- Receive weekly time audits to ensure your time aligns with your goals and commitments

Inbox Management
Never miss important emails.
- Daily inbox review, triage, and folder organization
- Responses drafted and saved for your review

Travel Management
Reservation management for flights, hotels, activities and restaurants
- Monthly calendar bookings for local activities that align with your travel schedule
- Detailed travel itineraries for business and personal trips


Quick Communications
Reply to all of your important contacts promptly.
- Keep important contacts feeling valued
- Have time-sensitive inquiries answered immediately

Research and Information Seeking
New products or services, software, hobbies, and general curiosities.
- Research reports on requested topics of interest
- Competitive research
- Curated gift options for family, friends, and clients
- Preliminary research for your next podcast, blog, or book

Expenses and Invoicing
Receipt, invoice and reimbursement management.
- Receive monthly expenditure reports to understand spending
- Have invoices prepared and submitted so you’re paid on time
- Have reimbursements filed and recouped faster

Financial Management
Professional and personal finance tracking.
- Bills and transfers paid on time
- Books managed and tax filings prepared

Goals and Routines Management
Accountability for establishing and maintaining positive habits.
- Establishes daily goals, reminders, and progress check-ins
- Maintains a timeline for your goals with weekly reports

Household Management
Coordinate all your household needs, from child care to pet care, lawn or automotive, home maintenance, groceries and more.
- Conducts research, sources, and hires services professionals
- Books appointments for servicing personal vehicles
- Conducts research and pre-screens child and pet care options

Investment Tracking
Personalized tracking for all your investments.
- Regular investment reports and spreadsheets
- Research and summary of up-and-coming investment opportunities

Online Brand and Presence Management
Have your brand vision executed across social platforms.
- Social media platforms posting schedules  
- Replies to comments and DMs to boost presence and engagement

Personal Shopping
Coordination of purchases and returns.
- Curates and orders seasonal wardrobes
- Coordinates returns when needed
- Conducts pricing research and best-of lists for items you want to purchase


Database, Reporting, and Document Management
All your essential information is organized and readily available.
- Important files and documents organized
- Shared drive maintenance
- Audits to remove errors and outdated information

Event Management
More face-to-face time without organizing the details.
- Plans team offsites and company parties
- Books venues, caterers, and entertainment  
- Sends invites and manages guest lists and VIPs

Meeting Support
Pre-prepped bios, post-meeting notes, and detailed briefs.
- Creates formalized agendas
- Drafts bios to help you get to know attendees
- Attends virtual meetings to take notes and action items

Stay connected with like-minded individuals.
- Creates conference and engagement calendars
- Finds volunteer opportunities based on your interests

Project and Administration Management
Never miss a deadline or overlook an important detail.
- Stay on top of due dates with reminders, follow-ups, and to-do lists
- Have tasks assigned to team members and management tools updated

Recruitment Support
Find the right candidate faster and hire more efficiently.
- Lists jobs on career websites and tracks applicants
- Prescreens resumes for specified qualifications
- Coordinates interviews and provides candidate recaps


Dining In
Have your groceries or meal kits selected and delivered.
- Orders online groceries for home delivery
- Finds new recipes based on your dietary needs or restrictions
- Manages meal kit services and selects meals based on your likes and dislikes

Dining Out
Discover and try new restaurants you’ll love.
- Finds restaurant options based on your favorite type of cuisine
- Books monthly reservations at your favorite restaurants
- Presents you with a list of new local hotspots to try

Never miss a concert, play, or sporting event.
- Finds local events and activities based on your personal interests
- Buys tickets and organizes travel as needed


Diet Support
Fuel your body purposefully.
- Creates and tracks your online food journal  
- Discovers new ways to support your physical goals
- Creates shopping lists and meals plans within your eating style

Fitness Management
Build and maintain an exercise regimen.
- Finds gyms to support your needs and handles monthly payments
- Books classes or personal training sessions around your schedule
- Creates lists of local studios and schedules based on your activity preferences

Prioritize your health easily.
- Books doctor, dentist and other healthcare practitioner appointments
- Clears time in your calendar for yoga, meditation, and self-care


Reading and Listening Management
Broaden your horizons with content that interests you.
- Sources and downloads books and podcasts in the apps of your choice
- Compiles reading lists of articles based on your industry and interests
- Organizes podcasts, reading and watch lists by priority


Occasion Calendars
Be prepared for every birthday, anniversary, and important date.
- Reminders for special occasions and milestones
- Plans regular dates and extraordinary experiences for you and your partner
- Sends hand-written cards, gifts, and well wishes to everyone in your network

Quality Time Prioritization
Stay connected with your partner, children, family and friends.
- Protects time for the essential people in your life
- Organizes and maintains the family dinner and activity calendar
- Organizes standing monthly outings with friends