Press Release

Athena collaborates with La Union LGU to launch Pawi-CAN Sustainability Project on Earth Day

SAN JUAN, La Union—Executive assistant company Athena launched Pawi-CAN: A Sustainable Waste Management Project last Earth Day, April 22, at Urbiz Garden in San Juan, La Union. The project aims to promote responsible waste management while fostering environmental stewardship among locals and tourists alike.

In partnership with the San Juan Resort and Hotel Association Inc (SJRRHASS), Dragon 8 Junkshop, and the local government unit of San Juan, La Union, Athena unveiled special Athena turtle bins, designed by visual artist and La Union native John Parmisano. These bins were strategically placed in high-traffic areas frequented by tourists and remote workers in Urbiztondo, San Juan Beach.

In addition to installing the Athena turtle bins, the event featured a coral reef planting workshop facilitated by and in partnership with EcoSurf.

Athena Chief Marketing Officer Victoria Alcachupas expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, “La Union has always been a hallmark for sustainable tourism and environmental protection. We are honored to work with the locals of La Union to promote proper waste management, as this initiative aligns with Athena’s aim to improve quality of life through maintaining a clean environment.”

The Pawi-CAN Sustainable Waste Management Project in La Union emphasizes Athena’s commitment to responsible plastic disposal and recycling, while also serving as a call for individuals to join the cause. Drawing inspiration from the Pawi-CAN mentality, Athena strives to foster a culture of teamwork and achieving more, where everyone collectively uplifts one another towards sustainability, community, and long-term collaboration.

"We are thankful to Athena for their dedication to our community and environment," said San Juan Mayor Arturo P. Valdriz. "We hope that with these efforts, locals and beachgoers alike will develop greater awareness of their waste disposal habits, keeping our precious waters clean.”

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