The Top Skills for Executive Assistants Working With You

Leaders know what they want in top skills for executive assistants. Learn why these certain skills should be part of your executive assistant’s strengths.

To run a successful business, you have to keep things organized, especially when it comes to task management. But if juggling to-do lists and processes isn’t what you’re passionate about, it can feel like a burden. This is how delegation can transform your life for the better. Here’s what to look for when considering the top skills for executive assistants.

Leaning into Your Executive Assistant's Strengths

Strong communication, speed and skill under pressure, and a drive to get the job done are the key talents to look for in an assistant. An elite executive assistant’s strengths go far beyond answering emails and polishing your calendar. Your assistant must be integral to your life to get the most leverage.

Here are some of the top executive administrative assistant skills, traits, and support you should look for:

Effective communication Look for an assistant who is tested and trained in effective communication.

Pro tip: If you’re working with global talent, make sure your candidate has taken an English language assessment and achieved at least a C Level from CEFR.
Compatible personality You’ll spend a lot of time with your assistant, so personality is just as important as hard skills for success. You want someone who compliments your approach to work and life.

Pro tip: Work with a company that places you with an assistant. For example, Athena helps you identify your delegation level and then uncovers your unique working style using a proprietary compatibility formula to pair you with an assistant who aligns with your goals.
Trained in email pre-drafting, scheduling meetings, travel management, and complicated research projects Delegating these foundational tasks to your assistant gets you more time in your zone of genius. Your goal is to put your brainpower somewhere other than your inbox.

Pro tip: There is more than one path to a successful outcome, especially when the goal is to get things done. Will your assistant do things differently than you? Maybe. But the tradeoff is still worth it because you’ll be busy building bigger things.
Network of peers and continuous training Choose an assistant with support beyond your four walls. That way, they can problem-solve before coming to you with a million questions.

Pro tip: Work with an assistant who gets access to a network of thousands of peer assistants and continuous training to uplevel their executive administrative assistant skills.

You can find an assistant who makes an impact that extends past managing emails and calendars. Effective communication, resilience under pressure, and a shared work philosophy are critical attributes of a valuable partnership. Delegating tasks to an elite global assistant frees up your time and invites diverse perspectives for more successful outcomes.

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