4 Ways Your Assistant Can Use AI to Get You Better Delegation Results

If your assistant uses artificial intelligence, you get better results. Learn why your approach to delegation should integrate human talent and AI

Human Talent + AI Deliver the Best Delegation Outcomes

When your assistant has access to the right tools and technology, they get you better results. That’s why combining the power of human talent and AI should be the linchpin of your strategic delegation approach. When you delegate, your people (especially an assistant) can use AI to streamline processes and drive better delegation outcomes.

Delegation and Artificial Intelligence

AI is the unlock for getting your delegations done faster. When an assistant uses AI, they can improve efficiency and problem-solve even faster.

Assistants can leverage AI to:

1. Streamline Delegation Tasks

AI can help your assistant move even faster by streamlining and simplifying delegation projects like meeting scheduling, email drafting, and research. This means they’ll have more time to focus on strategic initiatives that move the needle for you.

Here are a few ways Athena Assistants use AI:

  • Task automation: Automate routine to-dos to focus on more impactful activities.
  • Intelligent scheduling: Optimize meeting schedules by analyzing preferences and past patterns.
  • Optimized workflows: Identify, improve, and even eliminate workflow bottlenecks to increase productivity.
  • Personalized assistance: Use human intuition and AI precision to adapt to your unique requirements.

2. Make Better Decisions

AI can process vast amounts of delegation data quickly and accurately. Your assistant can leverage this capability to analyze user input, historical data, and various sources of information to make informed decisions.

3. Continuously Learn

AI supports continuous learning and adapting to changing circumstances. Assistants can update their knowledge base and incorporate new information to make better-informed decisions over time.

4. Problem-solve independently

AI helps assistants approach their responsibilities with ingenuity to create more effective and impactful delegation outcomes. They can leverage predictive analytics, knowledge base integration, context awareness, data analysis, and more. This helps them handle challenges on their own with confidence.

Delegation Tools

AI is reshaping how delegation is processed, accomplished, and delivered. But to get the most out of these powerful tools, you need the right talent in the driver’s seat.

Athena Assistants have access to cutting-edge AI tools like ChatGPT, HumanLoop, Zapier, FirefliesAI, and OtterAI. They also leverage Athena-developed AI apps to increase their productivity and output. Our apps enable them to do things like pre-draft emails in your tone and proactively suggest delegations from your existing workflows.

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